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"Map Becomes Guide for Treatment"                   


iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio is the absolute newest item in LASIK surgery.  We acquired our system in mid-December 2015 and were only the second site in Northern California to have such advanced technology.  So far, we are absolutely thrilled by our results.  There will be more that will be put on this webpage in short time to call.  In the meantime please feel free to call our office at (209) 524-2020 and get more information.

Until recently, laser vision correction, like glasses or contacts, could only correct the visual distortions caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  But, these distortions are only responsible for 85-90% of the overall quality of your vision.  

 Zernike Map Thanks to advancements in wavefront technology, it is now possible to measure and address visual distortions throughout your eye's entire optical system.  The procedure is called iDesign.  Using your unique WaveScan wavefront map as a guide, the Visx Star S4 with Iris Registration Excimer Laser reshapes your cornea in the exact pattern defined by your map.  Visx's radar eye tracker tracks the eye movement while it guides the small spot laser beam with extreme accuracy. iLASIK eye tracking system animation in Modesto

The wavefront measurements of the eye is done using a device called the WaveScan Aberrometer.  Here is a picture of a patient behind the WaveScan.  Wavefront measurement being taken prior to LASIK with Dr. Ash

The Custom treatment is accomplished by taking a "wavefront" measurement of the eye.  A light is flashed into the eye and the reflected light is passed through a grid with about 200 spots.  These individual spots are analyzed and a unique prescription of each spot is converted to a prescription map of the eye.  All the subtle spots, peak and valleys are converted to a treatment map.  This individualized map is converted to a treatment protocol that the laser uses to treat the eye.  Wavefront mapping of the eye 


Although conventional or wavefront optimized laser vision correction can produce excellent results, CustomVue has the potential to deliver even better results by improving the quality of your vision.  Not all 20/20 visions are equal -- iLASIK is best!

CustomVue, Iris REgistation, IntraLase LASIK or iLASIK is most advanced method for LASIK surgery.  Dr. Ash offers iLASIK in Modesto


Iris Registration is an important safety feature for iLASIK One more important component is the Iris Registration.  When the wavefront map of the eye is measured, the exact location of the map relative to the surrounding structures must be noted.  The eyes may rotate inward or outward with lying down (cyclotorsion).  With the Iris Registration, a photograph of the Iris is taken at the same time as the wavefront measurement.  Up to 25 unique spots on the iris are identified and when the patient is undergoing the laser, these spots are sought by the laser.  When the spots are identified, the map rotates to match the exact same location where the wavefront belongs.  Therefore, the iris registration has brought the CustomVue treatment accuracy to a new height.

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