LASIK Love & Essay

Here is a very touching essay from one of our patients.  She is a very talented science teacher.  She expressed her experience in the following essay.  We were truly touched.  Thank you Natalie.

Following this essay is a love story like no other.  Thank you Kristina for allowing us to share that story.




Lasik A Science Invention Kindled


Today, I feel as though I’m losing a part of myself yet gaining a new and improved physical attribute.  Today, I will leave behind the gold, brown, black and tortoiseshell glasses that embodied my life since the 9th grade.  My glasses were part of my life for so long that it seems rather weird to say “good-bye” to something so none humanistic. I’m scared of what the new me will see and feel and remorseful to be looking through these glasses for the last time, these glasses make me who I am. 


During my first year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo I remember writing an English paper on my biggest fear, “Loosing My Eye Sight.”  What a symbolic paper I wrote some 10 years ago yet today I’m taking that risk to change my view of the world. One may ask what has driven me to want cosmetic eye surgery and this my friends is my response. I wonder what it would be like to get up in the morning and not have to grab for my glasses?  I wonder what it would be like to walk in the rain in the absence of a pair of glasses that have to be wiped away of the rain drops?  I wonder what it would be like to know where my glasses are when I can’t find them? (O’ I forgot this won’t be a problem much longer)  I wonder what it would be like to open my eyes under water?  I wonder what a difference my experience would have been when giving birth to my daughter? (then again without glasses I was still able to tell she was a girl)  I wonder what it would be like to look at my husband’s or families face at any given moment to see every detail of their character?  I wonder what it would be like to look at my daughter in the middle of the night and see her little eyes awake or asleep?  I wonder what it would be like to look at myself in the mirror and be able to see who I am when putting on my make-up?  Most of all, I wonder what it would be like to live life without wearing glasses?


As I reflect one last time without my glasses on, I can only imagine what my life will be like in a matter of hours.  When I look out my front door, I can see the world but it appears cloudy and fuzzy.  In general, I can see the neighborhood but I don’t have the ability to appreciate each and every fine detail.  When I walk through my home, I see picture frames with something in them but I must recall or reflect upon the moment.  Soon all of my questions will be answered and my perspective on life hopefully a bit brighter, clearer, and more beautiful then ever!


To the part of me I will leave behind, I’m scared to loose you but excited for what lies ahead and the new set of eyes God will grant me given the expertise of science. Until then I can only wait!



Wow! What an awesome experience I had at Dr. Ash’s facility in Modesto.  From beginning to end, Dr. Ash and his staff provided me with a first rate, professional and friendly service. Though I was apprehensive going into the procedure, I can now say LASIK is a fast, easy and pain free experience.  


After the surgery, they placed the cool and stylish aviator goggles on my face to protect my new and improved eyes for the next several hours.  When leaving the office and making my way home, I was sure to keep my eyes closed to allow the healing process to begin.  However, when I got home I was so excited and filled with emotion to see my husband and daughter.  With my goggles on, I knelt down next to my daughter and lifting my goggles, tears began to stream from my face. For this first time since she was born, I was able to see my daughters beautiful face in detail as I’ve never seen it before.  As the minutes continued to tick and as I continued to place my drops into my eyes as directed, I pulled those goggles off for one more last glimpse before heading to bed.  When I pulled those goggles off in my dark bedroom, I could see!  I could see every deal in my bedroom from the clock on the wall to out my bedroom into the family room where for the first time I could see my husband sitting on the couch with a smile on his face. 


Despite the apprehension of the surgery and the initial cost, I’m so thankful I decided to complete the surgery through Dr. Ash’s office.  I’ve had my surgery for only a day and a half now and believe me this is a defining moment in my life and I’m telling everyone about it.  Thank you Dr. Ash and staff for a memorable experience and providing me with a new and improved set of eyes.


Natalie Rowell





On Valentines Day 2008, we were fortunate to be part of a true "valentine story".  Kristina and her husband, Dave, had come to NCLC for a lasik consultation.  They decided to wait on the lasik eye surgery for awhile.  Shortly after the consult, Dave contacted Tasha (LASIK Co-ordinator at NCLC) to schedule her LASIK surgery for Valentine's Day and to help keep the surgery a secret.

LASIK love storyOn the day of the surgery (February 14, 2008), Dave told her that she would be going on a surpise outing.  He blindfolded her, and led her by hand to the laser center.  Once the blindfold was removed she realized she was at our iLASIK center.  True shock and surprise were her emotions!

The technician took her to the private waiting room to relax and prepare for the surgery.  Afterwards, the technician brings her into the LASIK Surgery Room, and Dave sneaks out of our office for about 10 minutes.  When the surgery was done he came back with the most beautiful dozen red roses.

By happenstance, I had pulled my back the day before surgery and for the first time ever had been forced to cancel my clinic the day before.  On Valentines Day, my wife being aware of this arrangement, helped me out of bed and sent me to the surgery center.  I was going to work for a few hours to do this surgery come high hell or high water ;=)  I was not going to ruin such a beautiful story.  The office staff had ordered a chocolate cake just to commemorate this special occasion.

Happy Valentine's Day from

Kristina successfully underwent the iLASIK procedure and is now enjoying her 20/20 vision out of each eye.  Thank you Dave and Kristina, for sharing such a great love story and allowing us to be part of it.

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