Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.







Don't forget to read Geno's LASIK Page on the KHOP Website.  He is 20/15 and calls Dr. Ash a Geek!  (Thanks alot!)  Get the Geno Version!




The lasik surgery preformed by Dr. Ash has enhanced my life in all aspects. Driving, Scuba Diving, working, watching television/movies and riding my motorcycle are all much more enjoyable. Colors and images are brighter and clearer. No more head aches from squinting. Thank you Dr. Ash for showing me the hi-definition world.

Todd D.


I had worn glasses since the age of 7 and contacts for 48 years, since age 14. I am now 63 y.o. Finally, this February I made my decision to have cataract surgery by Dr. Ash after nearly 1 1/2 years. My vision was unclear and hazy, and the strength of my contacts had been increased several times over the past few years. I kept thinking how scary it would be to lose my eyesight should the surgery not go well, what would I do? Most of my activities require the ability to see close...reading painting, knitting, making jewelry. Even after Dr. Ash describing the procedure thoroughly, I remained leery and anxious. Both eye surgeries were totally painless and from the time I went into the pre-op room, we were home in the house...45 minutes later! I was afraid to look at all.. the light was very bright, so I was quite surprised the next morning in the Dr's office when I really took a look at the eye chart...Amazing!! I was able to read and see clearly...less halos around lights than the rainbow halos I had prior to surgery. The ReZoom lens affords me no glasses at all and I can read and see in the distance. I am seeing details I did not even see with my contacts, probably because I had worn the mono vision lens set up for quite a few years. After the 2nd lens was done by Dr. Ash, my vision has been so bright and clear. Colors are amazing and vision much sharper. Several people have commented on the clarity and brightness of my eyes. I have resumed driving at night. I am thankful and grateful to have had the ReZoom lenses implanted and for the expertise, caring and ease with which Dr. Ash "gave this gift "of clear sight to me. I am truly grateful.

Cheryl, Denair, Ca.

iLASIK Monovision

Dr. Ash,

I just want to thank you for the Wonderful gift of sight!
I wake up excited everyday to pick up the newspaper without having to find my glasses.
I still find myself thinking "better get my glasses" when I have to fill out a form or whatever. Then I realize I don't need them! It's Wonderful.
I saw [my optometrist] on Wed, less than a week after my procedure. He was very impressed. I was his first patient with your new [iLASIK] procedure for farsightedness.
I saw best with that eye with no corrective lens, and read 20/15 with my other eye.
I'm singing your praises to everyone I see & mentioned your ad about free exams!

Best wishes and Thanks again

Debbie L.


I just want to thank you for the caring way you have with your clients. I have had to ware glasses since I was 16. (I tried to get my licence but couldn't see the E at the top of the chart). I tried contacts but my eyes were too dry. Now at age 50 I can see right when I open my eyes I don't have to reach for my glasses. I would be willing to pay more if I had to for the personal touch the caring you give each of your clients. Thank you for everything.


Stockton LASIK Patient


From contacts and glasses (both for driving) to awesome vision. Wow. When it was time to have my cataracts removed, Dr. Ash told me about the new ReSTOR lens. He explained the pros and cons and told me to think about it. I decided that this was an opportunity to have, for once in my life, normal vision. I chose to go with the ReSTOR lens. After nine months I must say that the pros most definitely out weigh the cons. It is so fantastic to wake up and take on each new day without thinking about contacts, glasses and all that go with it. Dr. Ash asked me if I would do it over again. Answer... Yes, in a heartbeat.

Connie B.

Custom LASIK

Dr. Ash:
Since my surgery in February of last year, I have loved not wearing glasses. During and after my surgery, you and your office personnel have been wonderful! All my questions were answered and the greatest care was taken ensure that I was understanding the processes involved with the surgery - before and after. The healing process was very easy for me due to your explanations along the way. I love the way the you remembered my name and other items that we had discussed from the previous visits.
Thank you and I have already recommended your services to friends and just people I meet that talk about the Lasik surgery.
Thank you and I will see you in March for my appointment.
A very happy customer!

Marlene D.

Surgery 2/22/07

Custom LASIK

Dr. Ash, Tasha (Ms. GP), Gloria (GG), and everyone else at the clinics. I cannot Thank you enough for restoring something I started losing over 25 years ago. My quality of life has improved immeasurably. The gift you have given me through your kindness and professionalism can never be returned. From the very first visit you made me feel like a member of the family.

Thank you so very much.

Bob M.

Custom LASIK

Dr. Ash:

I cannot express enough, how grateful I am for you giving me back my freedom. I am so glad I decided to have the LASIK done and especially glad I had it done at your facility. It is so freeing to not have to worry about glasses or contacts. To wake up and be able to see the alarm clock was beyond comprehension before this procedure. I wore glasses/contacts for over half my life (which is more than 15 years although I wont say the exact number!) It's amazing to me that my vision is now 20/15 when my contacts were -6.00.

There were three reasons I chose your facility before I had my consultation and four reasons once I had my consultation. Before the consultation my reasons were, location (I live in Modesto), price (I found you to be very reasonable) and actually getting to spend time with the surgeon before the procedure (that was huge for me!). Once I came in for my consultation there was no other option for me. You and your staff are so warm and welcoming, it really made me feel at ease. All of the apprehension I had about the procedure, any worries about what was to take place were abolished when I came in and met with you.

My regular eye doctor wanted to refer me to a place in *****, which I'm sure is adequate for the procedure. However, at that location I know you do not meet the surgeon before the procedure and I did not want to make that drive home after surgery. Even though I had a driver, of course, I knew my eyes would be somewhat sensitive to light and did not want to spend ***** minutes in the car with the sun beating in.

What a pain free and freeing procedure! I would do it again in a heartbeat and I would refer everyone I know to your facility! Even my dad is thinking about having it done now :-) I wouldn't have him go any other place. He would be in good hands at Modesto LASIK!

Thank you so much,

Jeannie R.

Corneal Transplant, Cataract and Toric IOL Lens

I want to let the world know that Dr. Ash is a great surgeon. Through his positive coaching and his impeccable skills, I was able to go from being legally blind in my left eye to being given the gift of sight. I had my first corneal transplant 20 years ago and became legally blind a few months later. Dr. Ash did the second transplant in 2003 and I was thrilled to be able to see the world again clearly and so brightly! Recently I had cataract surgery with a Toric IOL implant on my left eye and I now do not have to wear glasses to read! Aside from Dr. Ash giving me the gift of sight, (along with a donor cornea), he and his staff were efficent as well as kind. I now look forward to doing Lasik on my right eye. I would (and do) recommend Dr. Ash for all your eye care needs!

Thanks Dr. Ash and Staff!!!


Custom PRK

Dear Dr. Ashrafzadeh & Staff,

I just want to thank you all for your great care & attention during and after my PRK procedure.
You are a lovely group & I appreciate your skill & care,


Kim F.


Dr. Ash and staff,

I came to your office as a patient from another doctor that was unable to treat my condition. I had an ulcer on one of my corneas which the other doctor was able to clear up but once that healed, I was still unable to see clearly out of that eye, even when I wore my contacts or glasses. When I came to you, you were able to figure out what the problem was and you were able to give me my sight back (bad as it was, but it was back). That was when you told me the bad news, I would not be able to wear contacts anymore. I have worn contacts since 1980 (26 years). I was very happy wearing contacts and had no intention on getting lasik surgery.

After my vision problem cleared and I was given the go ahead from you to have the lasik surgery, I waited a few months to think about it. I really never thought about having the surgery until I had no other options but to wear my glasses, thick as they were. You and your staff were very helpful with any questions and information I wanted to know to help me make my decision. I was very concerned about having this surgery.
Dr. Ash and his staff made me and my husband feel comfortable and welcome. That was very important to me.

I want to thank you very much for giving me my life back!!! People who have regular eye sight don't understand that not being able to see withhout the use of glasses is very debilitating (-5.0 in both eyes). I had lasik surgery 6 months ago and am very happy with the results. I can't wait to be able to go swimming this summer and be able to see!!

Thank you again.


Veronica J.

Stockton LASIK Patient

Corneal Transplant, Verisyse

Thanks alot!

Thanks alot! Because of you I now have to change clothes behind closed doors or else [Husband] 'sees' everything and gets all in the mood! I had comfort in knowing I was safe before because he couldnt see anything..then you had to come along..lol!

Julee ([Husband] wifey)


Dear Dr. Ash,
I would just like to say Thank You so very much for your wonderful care & expertise. I recently had Lasik surgery and I am so glad that I did! Your office from start to finish was first class and I was so impressed by the warmth and sincerity that you give to your patients. You made me feel like I was a very important and special patient. I appreciate that. And to top it all off, I can see!! I have 20/15 at my last check-up! After years of contacts and glasses this is such a special treat!

Thank you so much!


Stockton LASIK Patient


To: My LASIK Girls,

Gloria, Debbie, Tasha + Dr. Ash,

I SEE the world in a new way. Thank you very much. All of you did a fantastic job!


Stockton LASIK Patient


Dr. Ash & Staff -

Just a little note to thank all of you for your hospitality and professionalism. All of the extra time and patience you gave me and my husband is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Lauri A.

Toric IOL

Thank You Dr. Ash for 20/20 HD Vision

Gene G.

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